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RSI Indicator Averaging Expert Advisor

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RSI Indicator Averaging Expert Advisor

The signal to open an order is the RSI crossing of the upper or lower level.

The levels are set in parameters.


extern ENUM_TIMEFRAMES timeframe_RSI = 60;
extern int period_RSI = 14;
extern int level_buy = 30;
extern int level_sell = 70;
extern int MinStep = 20;
extern double Lot = 0.1;
extern double K_Lot = 1.5;
extern int Takeprofit = 50;
extern int Magic = 0;
extern int DigitsLot = 2;
extern int slippage = 3;


If the Indicator crosses the level_buy = 30 level upwards, a buy position is opened. If the price does not reach TP and a new buy signal is received, the EA checks the level of the current price and, if the price is lower by MinStep, then opens a second trade.

TP of both deals is averaged and set from the point of their total breakeven. The same happens with sell positions.

The parameters in the Expert Advisor must be selected for each instrument separately. The easiest way to do this is in the terminal optimizer.

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How can i get this EA?

Tried loading the one provided in the link onto my real trading account but it does not work. Please help. Thanks

Posted : 24/11/2020 3:00 am
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