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Gordago EA

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Gordago EA

The EA based on iMACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD) and iStochastic (Stochastic Oscillator). The robot works only when a new bar appears, while trailing works on each tick.

EA features:


  • specify a working timeframe (Work timeframe) - main timeframe used to define the moment a new bar emerges
  • specify MACD indicator timeframe (MACD: timeframe)
  • specify Stochastic indicator timeframe (Stochastic: timeframe)
  • specify various stop loss and take profit for BUY and SELL positions


When defining a trading signal, Stochastic is additionally checked for levels: 


  • for a BUY signal, Stochastic indicator on bar #0 should be less than Stochastic level BUY
  • for a SELL signal, Stochastic indicator on bar #0 should exceed Stochastic level SELL


Full equation of BUY signals:

(MACD #0 > MACD #1) AND (MACD #1 < 0.0) AND (Stochastic #0 < Stochastic level BUY) AND (Stochastic #0 > Stochastic #1)

Full equation of SELL signals:

(MACD #0 < MACD #1) AND (MACD #1 > 0.0) AND (Stochastic #0 > Stochastic level SELL) AND (Stochastic #0 < Stochastic #1)

Optimized parameters:

Gordago EA Optimization

You may use OHLC mode for faster optimization, although make sure to test in "Every tick" or "Every tick based on real ticks" mode after that.

After optimization for USDJPY (these parameters are included into the EA as default ones) :

Gordago EA


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