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Currency pairs: EUR / USD; GBP / USD; USD / CHF; USD / JPY and others, where the spread is from 15 - 30 pips.
Timeframe: Recommended M1, but can be optimized for any.
Description: Entry is carried out by patterns, there is always one open order, no matter how many

Added user manual with description of expert settings in Word format.

When using the "Mirroring" synchronous reverse parameter, the spread should not exceed 15 bp.
the best condition is a fixed spread of 2 pips.
When using the "Mirroring" parameter and testing with the open price method, it is recommended to use
virtual stop levels!
At opening prices, testing is carried out for faster optimization, after optimization, you can already debug the settings
with the testing method every tick.
If the spread is more than 15 pips, dynamic stop levels are not recommended, because difference between
the profit and loss will be too small.
Average continuous profit is recommended 4 loss 2, that is, the average profit should be twice
more than a loss.
If such indications are the other way around, then turn on "Mirroring" just right.

The recommended timeframe is "M1", since more signals, but you can use other temporary
intervals for the expert to work.

Any currency pair, the main thing is that the spread is not large, such as 30 pips.

When optimizing, you need to use a fixed lot size, and then only choose money management.
You can optimize right away with money management enabled, sometimes it gives better results.
All tests were carried out at D.Ts. Alpari.

An account can be held in any currency and of any type (Cent, Standard, ECN, NDD, etc.)
At the same time, two types of money management do not work together, even if you include two of them, the second will work.

If you want to install an Expert Advisor on more than one currency pair, then it is necessary that in the parameter
"Magic" had different identifiers, for example: Magic = 456879; on another currency pair: Magic = 978654.

The "Stop" button works both for one instrument and for more than one instrument for trading with an Expert Advisor.
If the "CloseTerminal" parameter is enabled, then after the last order is closed, the expert will close the terminal and turn off your P.K.

Closing orders manually is possible, even if a virtual order is opened, there will be an entry in the journal
the experts tab, about the start of a new trading session, after you close the real order manually.

Setting up expert optimization:
Start = 0, Stop select the last available value in the list.
Start = 0, this is so that if the module is not configured in any way, then it will be disabled.
If there is a step, then add step = 1 to the field.


Testing results after expert optimization.






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