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MT4 Trade Account Setup Guide

Step: 1. Register with cabana Capitals Live Trading Account (Raw ECN-MT4 or Elite -MT4) followed by our Affiliate link. Click the “Register Now” button in the below banner.

Step: 2. Deposit $5000 to your Cabana Capitals live trading account.
Step: 3. Write mail us to your trading account details to
Step: 4. We will provide you “Super JUM v STOCH Expert Advisor” including set file at free of cost.
Step: 5. You Can Attach that Expert Advisor in your MT4 Trading platform where you deposited $5000/-
Step: 6. Currency pair EURUSD+GBPUSD+EURGBP 1 Hour Time Frame.
Step: 7. Connect With VPS for 24/5 Non-Stop Trading activities.

A. Now you can start look your trading account how it is going to go up day by day.
B. Don’t Do any manual Intraction since running our Expert Advisor. Strongly Recommended.
C. Estimated Profit for 12 month 700%

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Whatsapp Support: +91 9840 80 2136
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Live Trading

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Our investor password in Real Account

Broker Server: Fbs-real-8
Trading account number: 280425030
Investor password: Pass12345

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Our Investor Password in demo Account

Broker Server: CabanaCapitals-Demo
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(Forward Test running since Nov 2020 )